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Sweet Sea

Sweet Sea takes a creative approach to snacks using alternative natural ingredients. Seaweed is an underused food source rich in protein and other essential vitamins. Using flour created from seaweed, they are able to create a dessert that is a tasty, healthy alternative to sugary dessert products.

Project Scope

Brand Identity

Print Collateral



Each variety of Sweet Sea bars and cookies is packaged in a distinct color and design, which is roughly based on nautical flags. The minimalist approach to the packaging allows the flags to stand out making each flavor profile easily identifiable. The logo consists of whimsical seaweed plants that become anchor hooks.


The Sweet Sea brand is bold, identifiable and approachable. To set the cookie packaging apart from the bars, the flag becomes a large graphic encompassing the entire layout. Brand photography features the product in a minimalist style similar to the packaging design.

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