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The Investor Relations campaign was a bold, innovation-forward approach that inspired investment opinion shapers to elevate Bayer as the leader in the life sciences. The goal of the campaign was to focus on topics and stories that generate awareness for Bayer’s viability and ability to tap into future market potential and demonstrate Bayer’s innovation capability.

Project Scope

Print Advertising

Digital Display Ads

Organic & Paid Social Media 

Brand Video


The campaign focused on four megatrends, which were universal in their relevance and importance. 


Bio Revolution: Bayer is uniquely positioned to advance biotechnological solutions in the fields of agriculture and health. Driving change to focus on prevention and cures and less on treatment.

Future of Agriculture: Bayer is the lead in crop sciences and is positioned to create global solutions though digital farming, seeds and traits, and crop protection. 

Changing Patient Needs: The rising chronic disease burden globally demands innovation in healthcare resources and delivery. Bayer provides healthcare solutions that can become more personalized, digitized and more accessible.

Health Literacy: The pandemic magnified a need to focus on our own health- to focus on preventative care. Bayer analyzes and provides solutions for how we can take better care of ourselves.


The vibrant Bayer color palette and arresting visual compositions broke through the clutter while reinforcing the connection between Bayer’s work and the value it creates. The layered visuals helped define their core values with a simple truth: There’s nothing worth more than the answers that are needed most.

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