St. Louis Community College

Established in 1962, St. Louis Community College is the largest higher education institution in the region and the second largest in Missouri. The mission of STLCC is to expand minds and change lives by offering high-quality educational experiences leading to degrees, certificates, employment, university transfer, and life-long learning.

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The campaign theme, “Your Path to Anywhere,” is a rallying cry for students of all ages to look at their dreams actively for the first time, seeing an accessible way to turn them into a career. To add an air of authenticity, STLCC identified real students and teachers to be featured in the campaign.

STLCC’s new campaign empowers students to customize their higher education experience with low monetary risk. Embracing the flexibility of the STLCC system, every person in any walk of life is free to find the best version of themselves. Billboards, 30 second TV spots, campus graphics and digital media carries the message throughout the St. Louis region.

A custom microsite steers the audience toward a digital campaign experience where motivated prospects can follow intuitive, easy-to-navigate steps for application and enrollment. The campaign proved to be successful, increasing the overall enrollment by over 12% for the year.