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Opera Theatre of Saint Louis

OTSL is an award winning opera producer that feature an all english production. This approach enables all types of patrons to understand and enjoy 4-5 operas each season. OTSL is a leader in World Premier productions giving fans the first look at cutting edge operas.

Project Scope

Print Collateral



Photography Art Direction

Award Recognition




HOW Magazine

Located in the heart of St. Louis, each season's operas attract nationally recognized talent in both performance and production. Season artwork was meant to emulate the feeling and excitement of each opera. Each key art execution was designed to have it's own unique look, while certain elements were used to create a family of artwork. This approach created unity within the variety of artwork leading to the distinct look of the OTSL brand.


Each season, OTSL selects the most anticipated opera to have a special-edition collectors poster produced. The artwork for these posters are separate from marketing icons, which have a more fine art appearance.

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