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National Cattlemen's Beef Association



Project Scope






The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) is the national trade association representing U.S. cattle producers, with more than 25,000 individual members and several industry organization members. Together NCBA represents more than 175,000 cattle producers and feeders. NCBA works to advance the economic, political and social interests of the U.S. cattle business and to be an advocate for the cattle industry's policy positions and economic interests.

This integrated advertising campaign focuses on the stance that NCBA takes with issues that effect the American cattlemen. Issues are either right or wrong for the rancher. There is no gray area for issues that can change the course of a ranchers operation. It's either black or white.

Playing off the black and white theme, we chose cattle that had color similarities with the design layout. The result is a campaign with a clear message and impactful design. This approach moves away from the typical scene of the cow in a field, creating instant distinction from other category campaigns.