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One of the top 10 seed companies in the U.S., Dyna-Gro enables farmers to operate at the highest level without having to sacrifice quality for cost. First and foremost, Dyna-Gro focuses on relationships between their sales team and customers. With this approach, they have developed a repoire with their clients that is second to none. 

Project Scope

Brand Identity

Print Collateral

Environmental Signage


Award Recognition



The campaign featured the heart and soul of the operation... the farmer. Dyna-Gro didn't want to just feature their product, they wanted to showcase who made their product special. Both entities have to work hand in hand to be successful. The visual overlay of the crop and farmer furthers this concept of partnership. 


To further the brand assets of Dyna-Gro, a photoshoot captured the individual crop as well as the relationship between the farmer and the crop. The photoshoot took place over several days at a farm in the bootheel of Missouri. Photography and video by Bruton Stroube.

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