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Rootlab is a sustainable dog food that utilizes ingredients that are otherwise discarded or considered invasive to our environment. Their mission is to use fewer resources to provide a nutritious alternative to traditional dog food. Each protein used has a sustainable quality that is not only is high in nutritional value, but reduces bi-product waste.

Project Scope

Brand Identity

Print Collateral




The Rootlab aesthetic features graphic imagery that tells a complex story of the environment interacting with the ingredients. Each layer overlaps creating a vivid picture. The eye catching packaging grabs the consumers attention and stands out in a crowded market space. The packaging material used was first of it's kind in the pet food industry. Each product utilized post consumer plastics and is 100% recyclable, furthering their stance on sustainability. 

A training video helped educate pet food suppliers on the mission of Rootlab. The video features the stories of each company who produces the unique dog food protein. Viewers are taught where Rootlab comes from, which arms them with the knowledge that can be passed on to their customers. 

Simple icons were designed to feature specific attributes on each Rootlab package. The aesthetic mirrors the illustration style featured in the packaging imagery. 

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