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Chilly Goat Shaved Ice

Who doesn't like a cold shaved ice on a hot summer day? Chilly Goat Shaved Ice was created as an opportunity for the owners' children to work and save for college. With hard work, they created a business that is not only successful, but has also expanded operations to other small communities in Kansas.

Project Scope

Brand Identity

Print Collateral

Environmental Signage



Before the branding began, the client already purchased the building. To play off the idea of a barn in a rural town, the Chilly Goat was created. The concept of a goat that eats everything is rather humorous and appropriate for a stand that offers over 100 flavor combinations. Placing the goat signage on the roof not only mimicked the behavior of a mischievous goat, but it was a traffic stopper on main street.

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